January 08, 2024Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces CFO TransitionView


November 16, 2023RUM Reports an Increase to EBITDA for Q3 2023 Consolidated Financial Results Compared to Q3 2022View
August 29, 2023RUM Reports a 36% Increase to Net Income for Q2 2023 Consolidated Financial Results Compared to Q2 2022View
June 27, 2023RUM Announces Voting Results from Annual and Special Meeting of ShareholdersView
May 23, 2023RUM Reports Financial Results for Quarter Ended March 31, 2023View
April 25, 2023RUM Reports Financial Results for Year Ended 2022 and Positive Retained EarningsView


November 21, 2022RUM Reports Q3 2022 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
September 1, 2022Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces Appointment of Acting Chief Executive OfficerView
August 26, 2022RUM Reports Q2 2022 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
June 28, 2022RUM Announces Voting Results from Annual and Special Meeting of ShareholdersView
May 12, 2022Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces Completion of Issuance of SharesView
May 5, 2022RUM Releases its Q1 2022 Financial StatementsView
April 14, 2022RUM’s Annual 2021 Financial ResultsView
March 15, 2022Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces CEO SuccessionView


December 10, 2021RUM Announces Voting Results from Annual & Special Meeting of ShareholdersView
November 25, 2021RUM’s Q3 2021 Financial ResultsView
September 29, 2021Early Warning Report re: Acquisition of Securities of Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc.View
August 25, 2021RUM’s Q2 2021 Financial Results Produce Strong Operational PerformanceView
May 31, 2021RUM releases Q1 2021 Consolidated Financials with an 8% Increase in Average Sales per Store and 61% Increase in EBITDAView
April 14, 2021RUM releases 2020 Consolidated Financials including 119% increase in EBITDA to $2.4 MillionView
February 2, 2021Rocky Mountain Liquor Undertakes Strategic ReviewView


December 3, 2020Early Warning Report …Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc.View
November 25, 2020RUM Reports a 36% Increase to Income from Operations in its Q3 2020 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
August 20, 2020RUM Sees Significant Increases in Sales, Income from Operations and Net Income for Q2 2020 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
May 21, 2020Rocky Mountain Liquor Reports Q1 2020 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
April 17, 2020RUM Reports 2019 Annual Consolidated Financial ResultsView


September 19, 2019Rocky Mountain Liquor Proceeding with Stock ConsolidationView
August 28, 2019Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces Approval of Stock Consolidation by ShareholdersView
August 27, 2019RUM Reports Q2 2019 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
July 23, 2019Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces Mailing of Meeting Materials and Details on Proposed Share ConsolidationView
July 3, 2019Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces Redemption of Outstanding Convertible DebenturesView
May 29, 2019RUM Reports Q1 2019 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
May 29, 2019RUM Announces Redemption of Outstanding Convertible DebenturesView
April 25, 2019RUM Reports 2018 Annual Consolidated Financial ResultsView


November 27, 2018RUM Reports Q3 2018 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
August 28, 2018RUM Reports Q2 2018 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
May 16, 2018RUM Reports Q1 2018 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
April 25, 2018RUM Reports 2017 Annual Consolidated Financial ResultsView


November 23, 2017RUM Reports Q3 2017 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
August 24, 2017RUM Reports Q2 2017 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
May 23, 2017RUM Reports Q1 2017 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
April 24, 2017RUM Reports Annual 2016 Consolidated Financial ResultsView


November 24, 2016RUM Reports Q3 2016 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
August 29, 2016RUM Reports Q2 2016 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
June 10, 2016Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Completion of Partial Redemption
on Convertible Debentures Due April 30, 2021
May 27, 2016RUM Reports Q1 2016 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
May 13, 2016Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces NCIB on Convertible DebenturesView
May 2, 2016Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Partial Redemption
of Convertible Debentures Due April 30, 2021
April 27, 2016RUM Reports Annual 2015 Consolidated Financial ResultsView
April 1, 2016Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Approval of Proposed Amendments
of Convertible Debentures
March 7, 2016Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Adjournment of Debentureholder Meeting and
Provides Enhanced Terms to the Proposed Amendments of Convertible Debentures
February 23, 2016Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Provides an Update on the Partial Redemption Notice
Contingent on Approval of the Amendment of its Convertible Unsecured
Subordinated Debentures due April 30, 2016
February  3, 2016Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Proposal to Amend the Terms
of its Convertible Unsecured Subordinated Debentures due April 30, 2016


November 23, 2015Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Amendment to NCIB on Convertible DebenturesView
November 16, 2015RUM Reports Q3 2015 ResultsView
September 17, 2015Rocky Mountain Liquor Awarded Profit 500 for 5th Consecutive YearView
September 1, 2015Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Normal Course Issuer BidView
August 26, 2015RUM Reports Q2 2015 ResultsView
May 12, 2015RUM Reports Q1 2015 ResultsView
April 22, 2015RUM Reports Fiscal 2014 ResultsView


December 11, 2014Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces NCIB on Convertible DebenturesView
November 20, 2014Rocky Mountain Liquor Announces Voting Results of 2014 Annual and Special MeetingView
November 19, 2014RUM Reports Q3 2014 ResultsView
October 6, 2014Rum Awarded Venture 250 and Renews TD FinancingView
August 28, 2014RUM Reports Q2 2014 ResultsView
June 12, 2014RUM Awarded Profit 500View
May 28, 2014RUM Reports Q1 2014 ResultsView
April 23, 2014RUM Reports Fiscal 2013 ResultsView
March 17, 2014RUM Repays $809,140 Convertible DebentureView
February 20, 2014Rocky Mountain Liquor Inc. Announces Normal Course Issuer BidView
February 5, 2014Rum Announces Completion of New Store in Southern AlbertaView


November 27, 2013RUM Reports Q3 2013 ResultsView
August 22, 2013RUM Reports Q2 2013 ResultsView
June 3, 2013Rum Awarded Profit 500View
May 28, 2013Rum Reports Q1 2013 ResultsView
April 29, 2013RUM Reports Fiscal 2012 ResultsView
March 14, 2013RUM Completes Acquisition of 2 StoresView
January 24, 2013RUM Announces 4 Store PurchaseView


November 23, 2012RUM Q3 Net Income RisesView
October 1, 2012COO of RUM Awarded W100View
September 5, 2012Rum Awarded Alberta Venture 250View
August 29, 2012RUM Reports Increased Net Income in Q2View
June 4, 2012RUM Awarded PROFIT 200 Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies RankingView
May 25, 2012RUM Reports Q1 Improvement in Cash FlowView
April 24, 2012RUM Reports Fiscal 2011 ResultsView


December 16, 2011RUM Renews FinancingView
November 25, 2011RUM Reduces Long Term DebtView
November 24, 2011RUM Reports Q3 GrowthView
October 13, 2011RUM Shareholders Continue Stock Option PlanView
September 2, 2011RUM announces Alberta meeting – 2011View
August 22, 2011RUM Reports Q2 GrowthView
June 6, 2011RUM Posts Continued Growth in Q1View
June 3, 2011RUM Awarded PROFIT 200 Canada’s Fast Growing Companies RankingView
April 25, 2011RUM Reports Fiscal 2010 ResultsView
April 15, 2011RUM Announces CFO TransitionView
April 15, 2011RUM Discloses Plans to Operate 39 Liquor StoresView
April 13, 2011RUM Announces Completion of $9,200,000 Financing…View
March 29, 2011RUM Announces Overnight Marketed Public Offering…View
February 10, 2011RUM Wins Alberta Fastest 50 Growth CompaniesView
January 21, 2011RUM to Acquire another Store in Northern AlbertaView


December 2, 2010RUM Reports in Excess of $2 Million in Warrant ConversionsView
November 26, 2010RUM’s Q3 Results Highlights Continued Focus on GrowthView
November 25, 2010RUM Completes $3 Million Mezzanine FinancingView
October 14, 2010RUM Secures $3 Million Mezzanine FinancingView
September 30, 2010RUM Raises $500 Thousand from Early ConversionsView
August 24, 2010RUM Shareholders Amend Stock Option PlanView
August 20, 2010RUM Reports Solid Q2 GrowthView
August 4, 2010RUM Annual Meeting in AlbertaView
July 9, 2010RUM Increases Financing to $25 MillionView
June 25, 2010RUM Raises $1 Million from Early ConversionsView
June 11, 2010RUM Reclassified Tier 1 TSX Venture CompanyView
June 4, 2010RUM Executives Announce Significant Warrants TransactionView
June 2, 2010RUM Awards Incentive Stock OptionsView
May 27, 2010RUM Reports Strong Q1 GrowthView
April 28, 2010RUM Reports Earnings IncreaseView
April 15, 2010Rapid Growth for RUM ContinuesView
March 1, 2010RUM Rounds Up 4 More StoresView
January 27, 2010RUM Executives Announce Significant Share TransactionView


December 18, 2009RUM Rings in New Year with 3 Additional StoresView
November 27, 2009RUM Releases Q3 ResultsView
September 21, 2009Rocky Mountain Liquor announces Significant AcquisitionView
September 21, 2009RUM Launches New LabelView
August 28, 2009RUM Releases Q2 ResultsView
June 29, 2009RUM Grants Options to DirectorsView
May 28, 2009Humber Releases Q1 ResultsView
May 19, 2009RUM Plans Barrel of Fun in Newfoundland & LabradorView
May 8, 2009TD Bank Serves RUM a DoubleView
April 30, 2009RUM Releases ResultsView
March 24, 2009RUM downs the 6-packView
February 20, 2009More RUM and a 6-pack of AquisitionsView
January 30, 2009Humber Signs Term Sheet for up to $1 Million Private PlacementView
January 14, 2009Humber Capital Corporation appoints new CFOView


December 31, 2008Humber Capital Corporation (“HCC”) announces change of auditorView
December 31, 2008HCC Announces $9.95 Million Dollar Credit FacilityView
December 11, 2008HCC to commence trading on TSXVView
December 1, 2008HCC Completes Qualifying Transaction & Private PlacementView
October 29, 2008Correction of October 28, 2008 Press ReleaseView
October 28, 2008HCC Announces Conditional Approval of Qualifying TransactionView
September 17, 2008HCC Files Restated Statements for Q1 March 31, 2008 & Q2 June 30, 2008View
August 26, 2008HCC Enters into Definitive Agreement for Qualifying TransactionView
May 12, 2008HCC Announces Execution of Term Sheet for Qualifying TransactionView
April 15, 2008HCC Completes $1,500,000 Initial Public OfferingView